Sunday, September 26, 2010

Upper Kananaskis Lake

Upper Kananaskis Lake is within Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, and part of a larger region called Kananaskis Country.  (If you aren't confused, you should be).  The area itself is between Calgary and Banff off of the #1 in Alberta.  I'm sure if you're a local, you know exactly where it is.  If you're not, and you use google maps to try and find it, you'll end up in exactly the wrong spot...  You want to hone in on the provincial park name to be successful.  Learned that the hard way!

One redeaming part of the drive was the heard of goats we encountered on the way up!

The area itself is beautiful, we did a great hike around the lake (I wish the weather was a little clearer), and I'm sure if I lived in Calgary, I'd spend lots of time in Kananaskis Country.  If you're in the area, and would like an alternative to Banff, check it out!

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