Sunday, March 20, 2011


I woke up one morning to discover that fog was slowly dissipating in down town Vancouver, and I managed to capture a couple interesting moments.  (I'm still working on a panoramic picture of false creek taken at the same time.)  I just finished processing the below picture into black and while, I decided it's more effective than it was in color.
It was amazing to see the sunlight and fog literally bounce off of the Woodwards building in Gastown.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Second look at some Old Photographs

Of course the weather here hasn't been great, although it was sunny last weekend I haven't really managed to get out at take any new pictures.  So, here I am listening to buckets of rain fall outside going over some photographs that I took a couple months ago.

I just went through some pictures that I took during the last snowfall in January, I'm fond of this one:
But I think this one is my favorite.  After many years of watching other people take pictures of it, and myself trying to find the perfect photograph of it, I think I've finally managed to take a picture of Vancouver's Steam Clock that I'm happy with!
 As you can tell it was a little cold, in fact there was a layer of ice on my tripod...  My photographer's assistant even came out with me and nearly froze half to death to take this picture.  BrrRrr...  I'm ready for spring!