Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jasper National Park Photography

After visiting the Southwestern United States, it was time to take in some of Canada's national parks...  It was really interesting to see similar "styles" of rock formations in the Rockies - only with a huge abundance of green (and of course lots of water).  It was quite the contrast from the desert landscapes I'd seen weeks before.
The wildlife in the park this year was amazing.  Bears of all shapes and sizes were roaming all over the place, and all over the roads.  Of course the one issue with that is bear photography, and driving don't go very well together...

 The only down side to the whole visit (beyond the fact that the weather was dismal as we drove through Banff) was that their were ranging forest fires in British Columbia at the time, and as a result there was some haze during the day.  Thankfully the smoke wasn't completely set in, but you can still see it in a couple of my pictures. 
Regardless, I still thought Jasper was and is a stunningly beautiful place! I wish I lived closer.  If you're interested in seeing more, please check out my all of my Jasper National Park Photography.


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