Friday, May 13, 2011

Photographing Death Valley.. and Beyond

As you can see from my last couple posts, I was touring around Nevada, California, and Utah recently.  I've just finished uploading my Death Valley and Beyond Gallery, I think for the most part I'm done with more of my processing, but I also have some more to do.  Seemingly after this trip I could spend as much time going over my pictures as I did actually taking them...

(Map courtesy Google of course)
My itinerary was as follows:
A - Started off in Las Vegas
B - Rhyolite, Nevada
C - Death Valley National Park, California
D - Lee Vining, California (Mono Lake)
E - Valley of Fire, Nevada
F - Zion National Park, Utah

My Photography Specific Tips:
Rhyolite, Nevada - Really interesting place to photograph, I was more intreged by some of the junk around the ruins over the ruins themselves, but I may still revisit those pictures.

Death Valley - I happened to stumble across some amazing light mid day at Zabriskie Point it was amazing, not a single shadow, and I think it really allowed for some unique photography.  Yes, that's right..  mid day.  I visited the dunes for sunrise, and sunset.  Personally I was more impressed with sunrise, it was truly amazing actually.  The light was great.  At sunset, it seemed like your hiking around in 38 degree heat for golden hour - and as it turns out you are.. I'm sure when I go back, I'll do the same, but whatever you do, don't miss sunrise!

Mono Lake -  The south Tufa seems to be the best place in the park, by most accounts it's the best place to photograph.