Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Best of Maui

I really really need to spend time updating my blog..  Time to get on that..  in a bit!  I do have an update of another sort though.  Once upon a time I had a small web site that friends and family used over the years that listed my favourite Maui places to visit.  I've been asked a few times recently for info, and thought I'd post it here for others to see since I took down my old site.

Some of these place are brilliant for photography others not so much.  As per usual, time of day heavily affects the quality of the pictures you'll get (in my opinion), and the number of people you're bound to encounter.

So, here are my favs, in no particular order.

Maluaka Beach (aka Turtle Town)

Maluaka Beach is just south of Wailea at the end of Makena Road, it can be easy to miss.  You can find the road to the parking lot on the right after the golf course.  So..  What do you suppose this beach might have?  Yup, you guessed it, Turtles!  If you head to the south part of the beach and swim out with the coral on your left side..  if you're lucky, you'll see one of these:

Black Rock, Kaanapali Beach

This beach is accessible by the Maui Sheraton.  Prior to sunset they do a hula dance at the lagoon bar and a bit of a show with a torch-bearer diving into the sea.  It wasn't the most impressive thing we've ever seen..  but why not.

Oneloa Beach (aka Big Beach)

This beach, as the name implies, is big, very big.  Locals also like to go there which means it can be crowded, very crowded.  It is a sight to behold though, it's worth checking it out.

Wailea Beach

Every sunset in front of the Grand Wailea resort you'll see photographers trying to setup to capture the perfect sunset with a row of palm trees in the foreground.  That is if you're lucky.  It's a very nice beach serving the fancy resorts nearby.  Parking can be at a premium with few available options if you aren't staying in resort row.  Get there early.  In general terms actually you want to get to most of the beaches early - less people.  Unless you're there to check out the bikinis.  ;)  Beware of parking at the mall I hear some people have received tickets..

Road to Hana

Ok, so I think many people are missing the whole point of what the road to Hana is all about.  It's not about a race to Hana and back, but rather taking your time to drive there and enjoy the countless secluded pools, beaches, incredible trees and parks.  If you race there you're really missing out.  Take your time, stop and more importantly relax!  Swim here:

Red Sand Beach

Hana, in East Maui hides this unique beach.  The beach is located in a volcanic cinder cone, and the sand really is red.  It's a little bit of a trek to get to, and I'd suggest not for people who aren't into a little bit of an adventure.  However I think it's worth it..  you'll get to swim in a (dormant) volcano!  Make sure you're wearing proper shoes or sandals.  

Take Uakea Rd beyond Hana Bay and keep going until you pass the tennis courts and a community centre and find a place there to park.  At the end of the road there is a field between the community centre and a hotel, walk down and pick up a trail.  The beach is a bit of a hike off to the left along the water.  Given the remote location, don't be to surprised if you see a few people that have misplaced their bathing suits.  Apparently it's a nice place for a skinny dip too.  Be careful of the water entering the cone from the Ocean opening, it strikes me it could be dangerous there - stay safe!

Venus Pools

I haven't managed to actually go here myself, but I want to check it out.  It's a fresh water pool right on the ocean, somewhere near mile marker 48 on the Hana Highway.  Apparently it's a bit of a hike.  If you go let me know what it's like?


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