Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vancouver Riots

Unfortunately this past week some crazed lunatics trashed down town Vancouver, and tarnished our fantastic cities image around the world.  Why?  Our local hockey team didn't win the Stanley Cup.  I don't have any pictures of the riot itself as I had no interest in taking part of what could have been a great party if it wasn't for the irresponsible behavior of a few that decided to use the loss as an excuse to run rampant through the streets..  Those people are not Vancouverites, and I hope all of them end up in jail.

That said, after the riots, the people of Vancouver have rallied around all the business that were vandalized and started showing the true spirit of our great city.  Today we walked around, and I captured some of my favorite messages that people have left over the last number of days.  Vancouver is a fantastic place, please don't think for an instant that what happened last Wednesday is a representative sample of what our city is really about, the below is!

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