Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow hits Vancouver..

Amazingly we have some not so mild weather, in fact we've actually had a little bit of snow.  As I write this, with the wind chill, it's due to be -17 tonight - Yes, -17 in down town Vancouver.  BrrRrrr!  I'm excited for the expected dumping of snow we're apparently due to receive this year, mostly because I won't be driving in it.

This past weekend I managed to get out, and shoot a number of pictures both Saturday, and Sunday.  My favorite type of weekend!  I explored parts of Mitchell Island, Kits Beach, and the South Dikes in Richmond.  Lets just say I'm glad I don't shoot film - lots of pictures!  The best part about that is I'll be editing, and uploading in the next couple of days.  One of my favorite captures from Richmond:

I love the sprinkle of snow, and the yellow flowers, but then I suppose I'm a little biased.  You can see the image in my Flowers, Trees and Plants gallery.

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