Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garibaldi Lake

This past August I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park.  I've seen other photographer's pictures of the lake online before and I've always wanted to visit myself.  The park itself is huge with multiple entrances to multiple different recreational areas.  To get to the parking lot for the lake and meadows hike, turn right off Hwy 99 just after you cross the Rubble Creek Bridge, 37 km north of Squamish or 19 km south of Whistler.  (Note:  The turnoff itself isn't well marked)  2.5 km later you'll find the (pay) parking lot.  Get there early if you actually want a spot!

This is my favorite picture I took from that day, it's a wide angle panoramic image.
It's a beautiful hike and it's well worth all the effort to go.  I'll admit my feet felt a little like they were about to fall off, but we did hike around 23 kilometers in a day.  Taking the Black Tusk Meadows loop adds to the hike, and I thought it was worth the extra pain to see the meadows.  I'm told the bugs can be bad during some points of the year - bring bug spray..

I've heard the Elfin Lakes hike is also gorgeous, that's on next year's list!

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